x__sectumsempra (x__sectumsempra) wrote,

friends only.

okay. uhm, i have a few teensy rules, you see.
♥ first, please have something in common with me. and POST it. the thing is, if i met you on a comm or something of the like, you probably have something in common with me. so just say that, or where you came from.
♥ if i know you in real life, (no offense, but) i probably won't add you. i don't like mixing up my lj life with my real life. livejournal is where i come to get away from THAT.
♥ don't add me to have a bunch of "cool" people on your list. no, really, i don't consider myself cool by any means (hint: turn back NOW), but some people are just strange.
♥ PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT argue with me (on my posts) about what i like, who i like, what pairings i like, who i ship, et cetera et cetera. it defeats the purpose of being on my flist, and not to mention, it's rude.
♥ i'm a moron. lets just make that clear. i put really, really stupid things on my lj. you'll notice that if you are one of the lucky souls who happen to be graced by my acceptance. (just kidding. << >>) anyways, back to the point. i reserve the right to post as much or as little as i want on journal, as it is mine. if i feel like updating three times on twenty minutes (i've done it before, check the archive), i'll do it as i please. kthx. and also: i am prone to posting really stupid MS Paint drawings. XD
♥ if you do not know how to make a livejournal cut, please turn back now.

that's about it. please don't get the wrong impression of me. i'm really a nice person, for the most part. i just get annoyed easily. ♥ happy lj-ing!
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