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x__sectumsempra's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[March142006 19:35<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
new lj! =0

i'm at professorpomona now, add it if you want to stay with me.
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[February242006 06:36<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
i'm taking this time to make a big bloody tribute to all the girls in my waste of a school.

**note: if you have b33f wit meh, and you came here to see if i talk about you: surprise! i am, and this is it.

i hope you all come to realize that in five years, this stupid shit will be ridiculously pointless. OMG! "that bitch said i look fat in my Live Life sweater!!1". well, guess what? it's true, that sweater makes you look fat and you should probably take her advice, if she's saying to people (or you) she probably knows what she's talking about. "u said my BFF a skank!!1" she is. high school is rapidly progressing to a bloody scene from mean girls. i remember when that movie came out and we were talking about how exaggerated it was. it's really not. the point i'm trying to make here, is ... nothing matters right now. NOTHING. when you get your ass kicked out of the house (and believe me, it will happen), you will wish and pray and long for the days when your biggest worry was whether or not you could lose that tummy roll by the end of the month.

so here's to you, high school bitches! cheers!
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[September042005 00:14<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
friends only.

okay. uhm, i have a few teensy rules, you see.
♥ first, please have something in common with me. and POST it. the thing is, if i met you on a comm or something of the like, you probably have something in common with me. so just say that, or where you came from.
♥ if i know you in real life, (no offense, but) i probably won't add you. i don't like mixing up my lj life with my real life. livejournal is where i come to get away from THAT.
♥ don't add me to have a bunch of "cool" people on your list. no, really, i don't consider myself cool by any means (hint: turn back NOW), but some people are just strange.
♥ PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT argue with me (on my posts) about what i like, who i like, what pairings i like, who i ship, et cetera et cetera. it defeats the purpose of being on my flist, and not to mention, it's rude.
♥ i'm a moron. lets just make that clear. i put really, really stupid things on my lj. you'll notice that if you are one of the lucky souls who happen to be graced by my acceptance. (just kidding. << >>) anyways, back to the point. i reserve the right to post as much or as little as i want on journal, as it is mine. if i feel like updating three times on twenty minutes (i've done it before, check the archive), i'll do it as i please. kthx. and also: i am prone to posting really stupid MS Paint drawings. XD
♥ if you do not know how to make a livejournal cut, please turn back now.

that's about it. please don't get the wrong impression of me. i'm really a nice person, for the most part. i just get annoyed easily. ♥ happy lj-ing!
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